Seeking an economic expert

Seeking an economic expert

Pro Cooperare Regionala is looking for an Economic Expert who will be responsible for providing technical expertise, assessing the feasibility of the businesses , conducting operational analysis, and drafting the business plans for grant beneficiaries. The expert will also maintain close contact with the beneficiaries and local CSOs to ensure that they have access to the latest technical expertise.
The project „Empowerment of youth entrepreneurship in Moldova” is part of the European Union’s ongoing commitment to support the economic and social development of the Republic of Moldova, with a special focus on strengthening the role of civil society in the community. The project also supports the initiatives of around 200 young people by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to develop their own businesses.
The project “Empowerment of youth entrepreneurship in Moldova” aims to help local Civil Society Organisations improve their internal capacities and skills that are necessary to achieve their missions. Concrete activities in the project include training, coaching, mentoring, facilitation of networking and dissemination of best practices, in addition to one specific sub-granting component for starting or support the development of small and micro businesses of youth.
Youth entrepreneurship will be supported through the sub-grants scheme by giving the opportunity of supported vulnerable groups to earn sufficient income to support their families, break the cycle of poverty and obtain motivation to stay in the country and further contribute to the development of society.

Here can be downloaded the Term of Reference document.


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